Onslow County Sheriffs

Sheriff Years Served
1900-1904 David J. Sanders
1904-1908 W.C. Mills
1908-1912 E.W. Summersill
1912-1916 T.B. Henderson
1916-1920 Elisha H. Walton
1920-1928 J.R. Gurganus
1928-1928 Dan W. Russell, Jr.
1938-1946 B. Frank Morton
1946-1950 I. Dan Sanders
1950-1978 Thomas J. Marshall
1978-1990 Bill G. Woodward
1990-2014 Ed Brown
2014-Present Hans Miller
No one except the Sheriff and their family can ever know the real load and responsibility associated with the office of the Sheriff. Thanks to each Sheriff and their family whom freely gave a part of their life to the Office of Sheriff