Geographical Information Services

Department Overview

Onslow County Geographic Information Services (GIS) primary focus has been to centralize the creation, maintenance and dissemination of geographic data, and to provide custom mapping services. The GIS Department provides geographic information support to internal county departments, and other governmental agencies, as well as, our citizens. Examples of some geographic layers maintained by the GIS Department include digital aerial photography, zoning, Fire districts, E911 streets, tax parcels, soils, flood zones, school locations, park locations and zip code boundaries. GIS provides a visual approach for problem solving.

GIS is responsible for processing deed transfers, new subdivisions, and property splits and maintaining the cadastral maps in a digital format. The cadastral maps are maintained digitally for assessment purposes and are available on the Internet as part of the county GIS. Information used for creating these records comes from legally recorded instruments. Every effort is made to ensure the accurate and timely maintenance of the ownership records. Due to the number of instruments involved, and the number of departments handling these records, there is a time lag between when a document is recorded and when it is reflected on the internet. 

GIS creates and maintains County jurisdiction property addresses and ensures new streets and address ranges get added to the postal service database, E911 database and tax records. 

GIS created and maintains the County’s internet GIS/mapping site for easy access by the public.

Digital Counties Award