How do I establish a family (private) cemetery on my property?
Private cemeteries are allowed in the RA zoning district with a Special Requirement Permit, and in all other zoning districts (excluding the O-I and CON) with a Special Use Permit.

The minimum parent parcel size required for a private cemetery is three (3) acres. The maximum size of the proposed cemetery site is one (1) acre. When a private cemetery is proposed to be established on a property of less than 3 acres, a Special Use Permit will be required.

The proposed cemetery must be enclosed by fence or marked by permanent boundary markers. A surveyed site plan is required and must show an access easement and 20’ minimum setback from all property lines. The boundary of the private cemetery and easement must be recorded at the Onslow County Register of Deeds.

The Zoning Administrator may issue a temporary permit to allow for an interment giving the applicant 180 days to record the map and another 360 days to have the fence or markers installed.

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