How can I help my foster become more adoptable?
If no one knows about your foster, or how wonderful it is, then it will be very hard to find them a forever home! Is your foster great with children, dogs and cats? Do they love to play ball and run, or do they prefer a good nap? Let us know! Being able to share this information helps us to better place our fosters in a successful home. In addition to supplying photos and bio to the shelter, giving a foster animal additional exposure by telling friends and family about them will help create a "network effect" and will speed up the process of finding a forever home.

Secondly, our animals benefit greatly from the special love and attention you can give them. Providing a foster dog with basic training and manners will increase their adoptability. Exercise and enrichment will assist in reducing stress and encourage good behavior for our more energetic friends. Shy animals will rely on your patience, routine in the home, and careful exposure to new people and situations to help build their confidence.

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