Can I fax my listing forms?
No, we do not accept faxed listing forms.
You must mail the listing form in with the original signature.

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1. What is Business Personal Property?
2. What business personal property am I required to list?
3. Am I required to list household furnishings?
4. I listed my business in the wrong county. Will I be penalized?
5. My business was listed in two counties. Can I get a refund?
6. When does the Business Personal Property need to be listed?
7. I purchased a new business. What do I need to do?
8. How do I get my business personal property account number?
9. Can I list my business property on-line?
10. Can my accountant list my business property on-line?
11. Can my accountant sign my personal property listing form?
12. Can I request an extension for listing business property?
13. If I am granted an extension, what is the deadline for submitting my listing?
14. Are instructions available for completing the business listing form?
15. How did you arrive at the values on my business property?
16. What is the assessed value of my business property?
17. How much are the taxes on my business personal property?
18. How do I request an extension?
19. When are the listing forms mailed?
20. I purchased my business after January 1st. Do I have to list?
21. I closed my business after January 1st. I received a tax bill. How much am I responsible for?
22. I sold my business. Do I have to list my business?
23. When can I appeal my business personal property value?
24. Is software taxable?
25. Are leasehold improvements taxable?
26. Do I have to list my supplies?
27. I have a business in my home. Do I have to list it?
28. How can I get a listing form to list my business?
29. How can I change my address for my business?
30. I did not buy any new equipment or assets. Do I have to list?
31. What is Construction-in-Progress (CIP)?
32. Can I fax my listing forms?
33. Do I have to list farm equipment?
34. What do I have to list from my rental property?
35. What are late listing penalties?