What personal property am I required to list?
List all aircrafts, boats, boat motors(detachable), manufactured/mobile homes, jet skis, and permanent tag vehicles and unlicensed vehicles, and business personal property owned by you on January 1st.

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1. Do you offer exemptions for the elderly on vehicles?
2. I sold this boat. Why did I receive a tax bill?
3. What personal property am I required to list?
4. When am I required to list personal property?
5. Are manufactured homes required to be listed each year for taxes?
6. What happens if I do not return the listing form timely?
7. What is the penalty on late listings?
8. If January 31st falls on a weekend, what is the listing deadline?
9. Will you be mailing me a listing form each year?
10. Can I fax my listing form in?
11. Will you send a notice of my personal property's assessed value?