What do I list?
The taxpayer is responsible for listing two types of property if they own these types:
1. Personal Property - Personal property is property that is not permanently affixed to real property. Such items to be listed by residential taxpayers include non-tagged motor vehicles, mobile homes, boats, boat motors and aircrafts. Business personal property is to be listed by businesses, including all property used in connection with income producing property, which has been classified as real property.
2. Real Property - Real property is land and also building, structures, improvements, and permanent fixtures thereon, and all the rights and privileges belonging or in any way appertaining thereto. Taxable real property shall be listed in the name of the January 1 owner, and it shall be the owner’s duty to list it. However, in Onslow County, the county commissioners have adopted a permanent listing system whereby real property is listed automatically for the taxpayers once a deed is recorded with the Register of Deeds office. Any changes made to a building, or new buildings constructed, must be reported during the annual listing period. The tax bill is always generated for the January 1 owner of the real property.

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