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2020 Virtual Art Show

  2. Making art at home is a great way to express yourself! From doodlers to bona-fide artists, the library wants to show off all of your creations with the Onslow County Public Library’s Virtual Art Exhibit!
  3. 2020 Theme: What’s keeping you inspired? How are you coping while staying safe at home?
  4. Entries will be accepted through Oct 1- 31.
  5. Exhibit Guidelines:
  6. - Artists of all ages are welcome.
  7. - One submission per person.
  8. - Art styles accepted: ~Digital media (still imagery only) ~Pictures of fine art 
(acrylics, drawings, oil paints, prints, sculptures, watercolors, etc.) ~ Photography
  9. •Minimum image size: 1080px X 1080px (Instagram size), larger is encouraged.
  10. •For questions, please contact
  11. Images must be 1080px x 1080px. Larger is encouraged
  12. By submitting artwork to the Onslow County Virtual Art Show, artists agree to allow their artwork to be used for publicity and archival purposes. Artists agree that their work will be showcased on the OCPL website, digital signage and social media sites. Artists will retain the copyright of their work. If any artwork is deemed inappropriate, OCPL retains the right to remove artwork from the Virtual Art Show.
  13. By submitting, artists agree that all submitted works do not contain copyrighted material and are entirely original. Artwork will not include images or licensed images that have been previously published in any form.
  14. By submitting, legal guardians of under age artists consent for their child/dependent to enter the OCPL Virtual Art Show. They confirm that they acknowledge and agree that OCPL will publicize the first name of the artist alongside their artwork in the art show. This information will be shared on the OCPL website, digital signage, and social media.
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