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1. Can you change my name/address on my motor vehicle tag & tax renewal?
2. When is the last day I can pay my motor vehicle tax bill?
3. I no longer own the car. Why must I pay the tax?
4. I believe I was billed twice on the same car. What do I need to do?
5. When can I appeal my vehicle value?
6. What supporting documentation should I submit with my vehicle appeal?
7. Do you have the number to the License Plate Agency?
8. I have moved out of state. Can I get a refund of the Onslow County taxes paid on my vehicle?
9. I paid taxes when I purchased and/or registered my vehicle. Why do I also have to pay property taxes?
10. How do I apply for a release or refund on my vehicle?
11. The value on my tax bill is more than I paid for the vehicle. How do I appeal?
12. How are registered motor vehicles valued?
13. Should I list my licensed motor vehicle during the regular listing period?
14. I paid taxes on a car that was stolen. Do I owe the taxes?
15. I transferred tags from my old car to a new car. Do I owe the tax bill on the old car?
16. I turned in a leased vehicle. Why does the leasing company say I owe tax?
17. I turned my tags into DMV. What should I do about the taxes?
18. I sold my vehicle but still have the tags. Do I have to pay taxes?
19. How long do I have to request a refund after the tags are turned into the DMV?
20. I have moved to another county. Do I still owe Onslow vehicle taxes?
21. What does "registered vehicle" mean?